Finally, another choice for the intelligent homeowner.

BuildSmart, the intelligent option
Homeowners who want to build or remodel face the difficult decision of hiring a contractor or trying to do it themselves. The problem, is that whatever choice you make has its own set of unique challenges. If you are considering building or a major remodel, you now have another choice. BuildSmart is an innovative hybrid that leverages the deep experience of a select group of architects and builders singularly focused on helping you create and build the best, most cost-effective project.

Goodbye confusion, hello clarity.

Why our approach to building and remodeling is better
Our approach is simpler, more transparent, puts the homeowner in control and ultimately results in a better project.

A trusted advisor to guide you through the process
BuildSmart acts as your trusted advisor throughout the process. We help you select and hire the best sub contractors and suppliers for your job. We understand building materials and will help you evaluate the right materials for your job. If you are concerned about sustainability, we’ll cut through the hype and see what makes sense for your home. Using our professional project management tools we can anticipate the inevitable problems that are part of every project and generate creative solutions.

Trade discounts passed on to you
Contractor trade discounts represent significant savings on your project. Unlike traditional contractors who pocket these trade discounts, we pass them directly to you. Having experience across multiple sub contractors and suppliers also means that we understand their pricing models and how much things should cost.

Architects who are on the same page
With BuildSmart, you get the benefit of working with architects who understand our process. Our architects know the difference between adding cost and adding value and are committed to finding targeted, cost-effective solutions. Unlike most architects, who charge by the hour, ours use an innovative fixed-fee approach.

The homeowner, no longer caught between a rock and a hard place.

You no longer have to choose between hiring a contractor or doing it yourself
The world of residential contracting is filled with distrust. Low-ball bids and hidden mark-ups mean that home owners are never really sure about the true cost of their project. Insider deals where sub-contractors and suppliers pass hidden rebates back to contractors are common. Meanwhile, homeowners endure innumerable delays while they juggle other projects. No wonder homeowners feel nervous. Rather than reluctantly hiring a contractor or using the trial and error method to try do it on your own, consider a different approach. By taking on some of the project responsibilities, home owners can save money while building equity and have the satisfaction of controlling their own project.

Remove the road blocks stopping you from doing your own project
Faced with the challenges of working with a contractor, many homeowners try to manage their own projects. There are numerous problems with trying to do this; homeowners don’t get trade discounts, making their projects more expensive, lack of experience with sub-contractors and suppliers leads to erratic results, not understanding construction and material specifications can mean picking the wrong materials, lack of familiarity with the process makes it hard to anticipate problems leading to expensive do over’s. BuildSmart acts as your guide through the remodeling and building process. Don’t go it alone, instead, leverage our professional management, understanding of construction materials and specifications, deep construction knowledge and trade and supplier discounts help you build your best project.

BuildSmart advantages
  • Unlike working with a traditional contractor, you’re in control
  • You have a trusted expert with unbiased advice to guide you through the building and remodeling process
  • Professional grade project management
  • Unlike a traditional contractor, we believe in total transparency, so you know exactly how much everything costs
  • With our innovative fixed fee architectural services, you pay for only the services you need

A guarantee you can count on.

Tangible value or your money back
We believe that BuildSmart can save you money and build a better project. To demonstrate this, after we perform our initial assessment, if we can’t show you how we add tangible value to your project, then we’ll refund our entire fee. So, you can try BuildSmart with no risk and confirm this approach works for you. Contact us and schedule your initial project assessment.

BuildSmart, a smarter way to remodel and build.

With BuildSmart on your side you’ll get the advantages of professional project support and an experienced architect and builder team to guide you through the building process. At every step of the way, from site selection to final punch list, we’ll be there with clear unbiased, guidance to make your project the best.

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